Vet Cari Ewings of Vale Vets Portishead answers your pet related question –

Q: We are thinking of getting a new cat and are considering a rescue cat, do you have any advice?

A: Rescue centres such as Hollyhedge in Barrow Gurney are always overflowing with cats desperately in need of loving homes.

Single cats or pairs, young and old, male or female, all can find themselves in rescue centres through no fault of their own, and really need caring new homes to go to.

It’s worth taking the time to visit a rescue centre as you will be able to spend time with the cats, and chose one which suits your home and family.

The rescue centre will be able to advise you of each cat’s particular circumstances and personality, enabling you to decide which cat will fit best with you.

They will also want to do a home check, to ensure your home is safe and suitable for the cat.

Then you can take your new cat home, and enjoy all the pleasure owning a cat gives, and also know that you have helped give a cat a new home and life.


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