New clinic offers elite-athlete-level rehab plans for professionals and fitness fans alike

With gyms closed, fitness classes halted and the temptation to binge on both pizzas and boxsets somewhat high, many of us were forced to look for new ways of keeping active and preventing weight gain during lockdown.

For some, the results have been extremely satisfying, giving us much-needed time outdoors, away from the sofa. However, lockdowns, perhaps combined with changes to the way we’d usually keep active, have, in some instances, produced unfortunate side effects, as physiotherapist Edward (Ed) Wilson, has witnessed first-hand.

“We’ve definitely seen more injuries over the past year and a half from running and cycling,” he said. “Often, clients tell us that they noticed a pain or ache after taking up a new fitness-related activity or a return to a form of exercise that they haven’t done for some time.” 

Identifying and assessing sports injuries is, without doubt, Ed’s area of expertise; his impressive CV includes five years spent at professional rugby union club Bristol Bears as First Team physiotherapist, where he oversaw the rehabilitation of its squad of elite, premiership-level sportsmen. He has now taken the next step in his career and opened his own clinic in Portishead – Two Trees Clinic – where clients can look forward to receiving the same standard of assessment, diagnosis and tailored treatments that Ed has routinely administered to world class sportspeople over the years.

“As soon as a client is in front of me describing their discomfort, it’s the same fundamentals,” he said. “No stone is left unturned, with attention to detail a top priority.” 

Recovery programmes are tailored to suit each client’s diagnosis, with a specific rehab plan that includes videos sent by WhatsApp to ensure clients are confident they’re performing exercises correctly.

One of the many benefits that Ed brings to Two Trees clinic is an impressive network of professional contacts, acquired over the years, which enables him to arrange immediate referrals for imaging and scans, for example – progressions that are likely to be welcomed, given the strain that the pandemic has put on the NHS.

Having worked for several years in professional sport, Ed is also comfortable giving accurate timeframes for recovery – an aspect that is a priority for anyone who loves keeping fit. “Rugby is a collision sport, so managing outcomes for running injuries and calf tears, for example, was an integral part of the job,” he said. 

Used to working to tight return-to-play deadlines, he can tailor rehab plans to minimise your time in rehab and then work with you through physiotherapy, massage, strength and conditioning to get you back to your peak performance or even maybe to achieve new personal bests! 

For more information on Two Trees Clinic and to book an appointment with Ed or one of his expert colleagues, call 01275 818795, email or go to