A hearing company has been warmly welcomed by the Portishead community as it extends its offering in the town.

Andrew Bird Hearing has received a fantastic response from the public who say they appreciate its wide range of services and client-centred focus. 

The independent healthcare provider now offers all its high-quality healthcare services at two different locations – both sites of the Walnut Grove Clinic.

The company has been working out of the Slade Road clinic on Wednesdays since January 2020. But now appointments are also offered at the Walnut Grove Studio in Papermill Gardens on Tuesdays.

Andrew Bird Hearing offers an extensive range of services to meet all hearing needs. This includes microsuction ear wax removals, free-of-charge and no-obligation hearing examinations, and hearing aid repairs and accessories, alongside routine advice.

Company owner Andrew Bird said: “We are delighted to continue to look after new and existing clients, many of whom are feeling vulnerable and isolated because of hearing loss.

“Portishead is a great area to invest in and we intend to keep on serving the community and taking care of their hearing health for many years to come.”

Andrew Bird Hearing is a family-run business set up in 2007. Its audiologists are licensed to dispense products from a wide range of manufacturers, but they do not believe in pushy tactics or pressure sales. 

The business prides itself on getting to know its clients so they can dispense hearing aids to best suit their hearing loss and lifestyle.

The experienced audiologists understand that there are multiple reasons why a person’s hearing deteriorates – for example a build-up of ear wax, a medical condition or age-related hearing loss to name a few – but all have the same impact on a patient’s life

Andrew added: “Often people assume they have to learn to live with hearing problems, so it’s so nice to see the difference we make. Some people can suddenly hear again once we have fitted a hearing aid or removed the wax. Our hope is that we can change more lives as we continue to expand our services.”

The successful business currently has 9000 clients in about 30 centres across the South West. They remained open during the Covid pandemic as an essential healthcare provider, providing hearing services for those who are hard of hearing.

The company also continues to invest in the latest technology and can now offer remote support for tunings and adjustments, so that patients don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own homes.

• Andrew Bird Hearing continues to operate from the Walnut Grove Clinic on Slade Road on Wednesdays and now also the Walnut Grove Studio in Papermill Gardens on Tuesdays.

• To make an appointment, call 01242 262551 or email info@andrewbirdhearing.co.uk

• For more information visit the website at www.andrewbirdhearing.co.uk