Gordano School students Izumi Pride and Yestin Penalosa came first in a Christmas Card competition organised by the school and Portishead Town council.

Students were encouraged to think of seasonal ways to portray the town in this now annual competition, and there were plenty of different ideas from pupils to portray Portishead in a seasonal light.

Gordano School’s Acting Headteacher Tom Inman, and Chair of Portishead Town Council, Lesley Cottrell judged the entries,

Izumi’s design was a festive take on artist Rick Kirby’s ‘Arc of Angels’ statues, located in Jubilee Park, Burlington Road.

Yestin’s card design featured the installation created by artist Archer Michael Dan, entitled ‘Full Fathom Five’, and a night-time view of Portishead, looking towards the Marina.

The winning Christmas card designs were then professionally printed and in use by Portishead Town Council and Gordano School over the festive period. Izumi and Yestin also received £25 in prize money.