Portishead Marina has become part of the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS), with the installation of a collection point for disposing of used fishing line. The eco-friendly initiative is thanks to Hannah Mann of Gardner Tackle, whose company has funded the bin.

“I live in Portishead, which is why I wanted to make it my personal mission to get a bin installed here,” said Hannah, adding that she had received amazing support from Portishead Marina’s Boat Folk, allowing the bin to be installed within two weeks of her first contact. Additional discussions with North Somerset Council have proved fruitful, with permission received for a second bin, also funded by Gardner Tackle, to be located near the Lido and Battery Point, in the near future.

Gardner Tackle manufactures fishing tackle and has been supporting the ANLRS since its inception. “We collect line from all round the country when our reps go into fishing shops and then we send it to the ANLRS for recycling,” said Hannah. “We also help with the marketing of the scheme with messaging on our packaging and social media podcasts, etc.”

To give some context, heavy monofilament can take 600 years to degrade if disposed of in landfill. Through the ANLRS, filament is recycled to become new spools and even furniture. “As a company, we have been trying to make ourselves a lot more eco-friendly, such as with our manufacturing processes and waste recycling, and the Portishead bin initiative is part of that wider scheme,” said Hannah, who added that this is not just a plastic issue, but a wildlife one too. “Birds and hedgehogs can get trapped in discarded line,” she said, adding that awareness of this has helped anglers to get onboard with the recycling scheme.

To know more, visit www.anglers-nlrs.co.uk.

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