Talented pupils at a high-performing Clevedon primary school have been enjoying a special WOW! maths day – and arrived in style in Olympic sportswear!

The Yeo Moor Primary School pupils wore Winter Olympic sportswear for the maths event themed as ‘Tacky and the Winter Games.’

Parents and carers were invited in to share in the children’s learning in Maths Mastery and the children also enjoyed exciting and fun workshops and practical learning exercises.

Head Teacher Roland Lovatt said “This was a tremendous event of learning and great fun for the children.

“We want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the parents and carers for giving up their time to share in their children’s learning. It really does make a difference.”

Teacher Anna Pike is pictured with students who enjoyed a special WOW! Maths day. The lady was led by Anna and the Key Stage 2 maths teacher Sarah Roden.