Both the Gordano Living and Places Leisure teams agreed that choosing a winner for the fantastic Parish Wharf Three-Month Premium Fitness Package Competition was great fun, but also incredibly challenging. The number of entries was high and the stories that readers shared about why they’d entered all resonated in their own way, meaning the judges could have selected deserving winners many times over. Still, a decision had to be made, and ultimately, it was 35-year-old Toni Stuckey whose letter really struck a chord with everyone.

A familiar face to anyone who shops at Sainsbury’s Portishead, Toni, in fact, already holds a membership at Parish Wharf, together with her husband, while her daughter also attends swimming lessons there. However, she is the first to admit that keeping motivated doesn’t come easily to her. “I’m guilty of stopping and starting exercise plans and have battled with my weight for years, especially since having my daughter,” she said. 

Toni regards her sweet tooth as her biggest weakness, confessing to a habit of snacking on chocolate, either through habit or out of boredom, in front of the TV. Concerns about her health prompted Toni to visit her GP last year, who referred her to a dietician and psychologist at Southmead Hospital. “They both made me much more aware of my behaviour around food and I’ve lost some weight, but not as much as I’d like to,” she said. “I think that knowing I’d have someone by my side monitoring my progress would give me the motivation I need to start my weight-loss journey properly.”

Chelle Dyer, Fitness Manager at Places Leisure, said: “We understand how hard it can be to keep yourself motivated, Toni’s story is very common.  We are looking forward to introducing some new behaviours that will become new habits over the next three months, and to show Toni how to get the most out of the centre.”

Toni’s fantastic prize, worth £350, consists of three months’ membership at Parish Wharf, starting on January 6, 2020, together with a whole host of extras, from five hours of one-to-one sessions with a Personal Trainer to a guest pass and a £20 retail voucher for gym or swimwear.

Miriam Dunn, Editor of Gordano Living said: “We send our heartiest congratulations to Toni on winning this wonderful prize and look forward to sharing her progress with our readers, which we’re sure will inspire and nudge those of us who would like to make 2020 the year when we become healthier and fitter.”