Roaring, hissing, blinking and stomping pre-historic beasts have taken ownership of a brand new happy hunting ground down in deepest darkest Somerset.

The herd of full-sized dinosaurs have broken out of their holding crates at leading holiday attraction Wookey Hole Caves and are ready to delight a new generation of visitors.

The state-of-the-art animatronic creations have been specially shipped in from China bringing extra action and excitement to Dinosaur Valley just in time for the Easter holidays.

Daniel Medley, Director at Wookey Hole Caves, said: “It’s BC gone mad down here. We couldn’t believe it when we first saw them – the eyes blink as if they are sizing you up ready to pounce.

“They roar, stomp and swing their tails and judging by the fruity noises from their digestive systems they haven’t had a square meal since the late Cretaceous!”

Dinosaurs roamed the Somerset’s Mendip Hills millions of years ago – as the world-famous limestone caves were being eroded hundreds of feet below.

The new attractions follow in the footprints of actual woolly mammoths, lions and hyenas which once roamed the Wookey Hole Caves and hunted along the surrounding cliffs and valleys.

Daniel added: “The latest attractions are designed for a new generation of super-savvy youngsters who are fully informed on pre-historic species thanks to shows such as Lost World, Walking with Dinosaurs and Primeval. Today’s youngsters can spot a hadrosaurus from a hypsilophodon at a hundred yards!

“Our Dinosaur Valley has been popular for many years but now we have added the wow factor to compete with the most realistic computer adventure.

“We looked as far afield as China for cutting edge animatronic creatures to ensure we are up to speed with creatures created for today’s cinematic blockbusters.”

The popular Somerset visitor destination has added a fully-grown Allosaurus, a brace of Velociraptors, an iguanodon, a Triceratops, a Dimetrodon and a Stegosaurus.

The animatronic dinosaurs will be unveiled during the extended Easter opening, which is taking place at Wookey Hole Caves from March 24-April 15.

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