This spring Vibe Pop/Rock Choir put on, not one, but two, brilliantly uplifting concerts raising over £1,500 for local charity Wellspring Counselling.  Despite the freezing temperatures on Saturday 17th March, Vibe warmed the hearts of two packed audiences at their matinee and evening concerts held at the Methodist Church on Portishead High Street.

Vibe Pop/Rock Choir is co-lead by Wendy Sergeant and Catherine Smith.  The choir, which sings a cappella arrangements of pop and rock songs, has been running for over a year with about 90 members of all different ages.  “We’re very proud of the wonderful community this choir has become.  We’re so lucky to work with such a brilliant bunch of people.  We’re also very proud of the charity element of Vibe.  Each of our concerts has raised a significant amount of money for local charities, our spring concerts raising the most so far” (Catherine Smith).
“It’s important to us that we support local charities.  Many friends have told us what an amazing service Wellspring Counselling provide making counselling accessible and affordable to adults and young people.” (Catherine Smith).

“I am so grateful for Vibe’s heartfelt support for Wellspring, both in raising the profile of our charity in Portishead, and in raising such an amazing amount. The funds raised will go a long way to helping both our adult and young people clients in Portishead get the help they need.” (Sarah Rees, Director of Wellspring Counselling).


“The health and wellbeing benefits of singing in a choir have been well documented and the ethos of Wellspring Counselling resonates well with that of Vibe.  Many of our members have told us how uplifting they find our rehearsals” (Catherine Smith).  As some of our choir members explain:

“I feel like I can leave all my worries behind when I am at choir.”

“I really feel invigorated after being at choir every week, great fun and great for my wellbeing as I forget about normal life!”

“I’m amazed how much better I feel after a mentally stressful day at work – singing is very “mindful” and so therapeutic!”

 “It doesn’t matter how low I’m feeling, singing with Vibe always picks me up”.


Anyone wanting to find out more about singing with vibe can e:mail or check out our Vibe Pop/Rock Choir Facebook page.  For more information about Wellspring Counselling please visit