Lucky children from Yeo Moor Primary School in Clevedon now have a new ‘pupil’ joining their school – a friendly cocker spaniel called Loki.

The happy, intelligent puppy will be on hand to be a friend, listen to their stories and to make school even more fun. Loki will also teach them the lifeskills of being responsible, caring and thoughtful.

The Friends of Yeo Moor Primary School organisation have been instrumental in bringing Loki to the school and Head Teacher Roland Lovett said: “Loki is a brilliant addition to our school. There are few things that have such appeal to young people in the way that animals do.

“Indeed the chance to meet, care for, interact with and be with a school dog is something children will love and benefit from.

“Strange as it may seem dogs can be very good reading buddies; young children will read very successfully to a dog. We welcome Loki as our latest pupil and he will fit in just perfectly.”