An inspiring Clevedon School student who overcame a rock-climbing injury is hoping to combine his skill, studies and passion for Product Design with rock climbing by setting up a business to combine the two.

Laurence Proctor, 16, is also taking on challenges across the world scaling huge heights to pursue his ambitions.

Yet two years ago aged 14 he suffered a bad hand injury while taking part in a bouldering competition which hit his confidence and motivation.

However with determination and grit he is now taking on bigger challenges including across the UK, Spain, Turkey and Malta.

Laurence began climbing when he was ten years old and is a member of the RedPoint climbing centre in Bristol.

He said: “I am really glad I made it back into climbing because it allows me to push myself and escape from the stresses of life sometimes. I love both product design and rock climbing and aim to combine the two with my own business.”