A Backwell resident has created and launched a free app that enables people to promote their individual skills and be booked directly by people who need them.

The Beebooked app was founded by Emily Kent to bring local skills and availability into one easy-to-access space, and aims to be the go-to place for anyone looking to book a skill they need.

And a sports therapist, cake-maker, florist, make-up artist, and graphic designer are among the first users of a skills marketplace in the Nailsea and Backwell area.

Emily explained: “The idea came about after many conversations and incidences where I’ve met people wanting to use their skills but have restricted hours – through caring, school hours etc – and therefore needed a simple risk-free way to promote them.

“As a Backwell resident, I’ve always thought there are so many skilled and talented individuals who could benefit from a simple way to promote themselves.

“Beebooked lets anyone add a skill – and I guarantee someone else will always need it!  They can give it a go from just one hour a week, or use it as a regular booking system.”

It is a real-time app so it also ensures people are only promoted in the time that they are available.  This saves the searcher valuable time and effort, ensuring they are not making lots of fruitless enquiries, and it ensures the skilled person gets work when it suits them.

Having recognised the potential, sports therapist Terry Bees of Beesytraining in Backwell signed up and said: “Being able to promote my week-by-week appointments, as they are available, means clients can book directly.  And it’s a really easy way for new clients to find and access my services.”

Emily added: “Beebooked is really starting to grow in this area and I’m excited about all the opportunities it can provide for local residents.  I plan to roll out into other areas across North Somerset in the coming months.”

The app is free to download and use and you can also register at www.beebooked.com.