By top personal trainer and owner of @thegym Nailsea, Matt Bembridge

The day of writing this article, we have today introduced a new initiative to the gym called PLAY (Physical Learning and Activity for Youngsters).

Kind of an extension to what children may learn in PE at school, but in a gym setting. The joy of having it in a gym setting, frequented by their mum and/or dad, is the natural want for young children to imitate their parents, as well as providing a further avenue of engagement and offering some parents the additional chance to get in a training session, too.

When PT’ing, I always found children curious and wanting to join in with their parents…it made for some fun workouts!

PLAY aims to develop physical competence and knowledge of movement, and their ability to use these to perform in a wide range of activities. It also develops transferable skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, appreciation of prowess, and enjoyment. These, provide a good foundation for lifelong and life-wide learning.

For me, it gives a greater appreciation for your own training. Exercise feels far less of a chore, when you see how it could be incorporated to have the same sense of fun and achievement as your children can derive from it.

Outside of our gym environment, there are many other local clubs and organisations that offer this kind of interaction.

Our neighbours at Gemini Gymnastics offer a drop-in and classes for all ages, as do many local sports teams (rugby and football). Many advertise in this very magazine, so, be sure to have a thumb through the pages.